Scholarship/Authorship Rights
Know your rights as a creator as well as user. This section focuses on understanding your rights as a creator/author/scholar.

Know Your Copyrights
This site created by the Association of Research Libraries looks at copyright “from the perspective of all key academic stakeholders”. Breaks down categories on school position – academic leadership, faculty, and student. Includes a large pool of resources to other sites and pages, as well as a focus for copyright rights as an author in the faculty section.

Addendum to Publication Agreement
A PDF file of a sample contract for authors to use that help modifies publisher’s agreement and allows author to keep key rights to their articles.

Author Rights: Using the SPARC Author Addendum
A web page explaining how the academic publishing process works, provides a guideline of what rights authors may have, and how to apply the Addendum to maintain one’s rights as author.

Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine
An interactive tool that helps users generate a PDF form to attach to a journal publisher’s copyright agreement so certain rights can be retained.

A searchable database of publisher’s policies with information on each journal’s self-archiving policies on the web and Open Access repositories.

*Image licensed under Creative Commons (CC0) and found via Pixabay