Orphan Works
The term “orphan works” refers to works still under copyright, but a copyright owner cannot be identified, located, or contacted in order to seek permission for use of the work. Using an orphan work is a risk.

Orphan Works: Statement of Best Practices
A PDF file from the Society of American Archivists’ containing their best practices and tips on searching for copyright holders and documenting each step. Appendix contains two helpful flow charts – one for a living author and one for a deceased one, as well as a chart helping to determine the levels of searches from minimum to expanded to extraordinary.

Copytalk: Orphan Works
An hour long webinar put together by the ALA Office of IT Policy about the best practices in fair use of collections containing orphan works for libraries, archives, and other memory institution.

Risk Management
ARL – Copyright Risk Management
An article put on by the Association of Research Libraries on the principles and strategies of large-scale digitization projects in special collections. This articles proposes four strategies to help evaluate risk associated with a digitization project.

Risk Management Calculator
An interactive tool to help understand the various variables that may determine specific levels of risks.

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